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Workplace Skills Assessment Program



Events organized into six content areas plus national virtual events.


Competition formats are objective tests, projects, activities, and presentations.


Detailed guidelines, competencies, and rubrics are provided.


Some events (national level) include industry certification exams.

Business Administration

Secondary Division

Administrative Support Concepts - Open Event

Administrative Support Research Project

Administrative Support Team

Business Law and Ethics

Database Applications

Integrated Office Applications

Legal Office Procedures

Office Systems and Procedures

Office Systems and Procedures, Advanced

Spreadsheet Applications, Fundamental

Spreadsheet Applications, Advanced

Word Processing, Fundamental

Word Processing, Intermediate

Word Processing, Advanced

Digital Communications & Design

Secondary Division

Broadcast News Production Team

Computer Animation Team

Computer Modeling

Desktop Publishing, Fundamental

Desktop Publishing, Advanced

Digital Communication & Design Concepts - Open Event

Digital Media Production

Graphic Design Promotion

Podcast Production Team

User Experience Design Team

Video Production Team

Visual Design Team - Pilot

Web Design, Fundamentals of

Website Design Team


Secondary Division

Accounting, Fundamental

Accounting, Advanced

Accounting, Payroll

Banking and Finance

Economic Research Individual

Economic Research Team

Financial Analyst Team

Financial Math and Analysis Concepts - Open Event

Personal Financial Management

Secondary Division

Health Administration Procedures

Health Insurance and Medical Billing

Health Research Presentation

Medical Coding

Health Administration Concepts - Open Event

Health Administration

Management Information Systems

Secondary Division

C# Programming

C++ Programming

Computer Network Technology

Computer Programming Concepts - Open

Computer Security

Device Configuration & Troubleshooting

Information Technology Concepts - Open 

Java Programming

Linux Operating System Fundamentals

Network Administration Using Cisco®

Network Design Team 

Python Programming

Server Administration Using Microsoft®

SQL Database Fundamentals

Secondary Division


Ethics and Professionalism

Global Marketing Team

Human Resource Management

Interview Skills

Advanced Interview Skills

Parliamentary Procedure Team

Presentation Individual

Presentation Team

Small Business Management Team

Extemporaneous Speech

Prepared Speech

Digital Marketing Concepts - Open Event

Parliamentary Procedure Concepts - Open Event

Meeting and Event Planning Concepts - Open Event

Management, Marketing, and HR Concepts - Open Event

Management, Marketing & Communications

Virtual Competitions (National Level Only)

Secondary Division - Register by December 1st

2D Animation Team - Pilot

Cybersecurity/Digital Forensics

Esports Team - Pilot

Ethical Leadership and Decision-Making Team - Pilot

Financial Portfolio Management Team

Mobile Applications

Promotional Photography

Social Media Marketing Campaign Team - Pilot

Software Engineering Team

Start-up Enterprise Team

Virtual Branding Team

Virtual Multimedia and Promotion Individual

Virtual Multimedia and Promotion Team

Web Application Team

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